Let Leverageland's heist 12 begin!

1. Why I love Nate/Sophie/Eliot

As a confidant and companion, Sophie lets us see what Eliot and Nate would never show another person. Nate’s sweetness and sincerity toward Sophie complements Eliot’s sheer passion.

Sophie and Eliot provide endless opportunities to see Nate act ‘hard done by.’ They keep Nate on track and they both believe he’s worth the trouble.

Eliot has always basked in Nate’s direction and confidence. He’d never give up seduction, and Sophie would never stop expecting to be seduced. When Nate and Sophie rile Eliot up there’s an equality that doesn’t fit the parental roles they have with Hardison and Parker.

2. Nate, Sophie, and Eliot's Potential Future

What makes the Nate/Sophie/Eliot ship so intriguing is that there are countless possibilities for their future. The outcome for any given story is quite different according to which relationship dynamics are in play.

Sophie is the bond that keeps the three together. She’s the heart of the relationship. Without her, Nate and Eliot would have never gone past the casual stage. Even after the relationship is established, things are never exactly easy between Nate and Eliot. Their reticence with one another feeds into a distance that is all the more intriguing when contrasted against their moments of intimacy.

3. Nate/Sophie/Eliot's best canon moments

Credit and endless gratitude goes to slaysvamps for creating the Leverage scripts. Invaluable!

  1. season 1 ep 1
    Sophie: I’m a citizen now. Honest.
    Nate: I’m not.
    Sophie: You’re playing my side. I always thought you had it in you.
    Nate: Um, are you in?
    Sophie: I wouldn’t miss this.
    Nate: All right. All right, let’s break the law just one more time.

  2. season 1 ep 1
    Nate: Victor? Now when was the last time you met a Victor?
    Eliot: Vietnam. Town called Banho Zay.
    Sophie: Chinese border.
    Eliot: That’s an odd thing for you to know.
    Sophie: That’s an odd place for you to be.

  3. season 1 ep 1
    Eliot: Your shot.
    Nate: No thanks. Five corner.
    Eliot: You look better than when we started.
    Nate: Yeah.
    Eliot: Yeah. And that bothers you, huh?
    Nate: I uh, well this isn’t supposed to feel--
    Eliot: Good? It’s not that hard to figure out. Dubenich screwed you. He cheated by stealing from that other company and your good guy brain sees him as the bad guy. Your conscience is clear.
    Nate: You want to take your shot?
    Eliot: Listen, I’m sorry about your kid.
    Nate: You don’t know anything about that.
    Eliot: Everybody knows. A guy like you goes off the street a lot of people notice. And it was a bad story, too. How did they justify that, huh? The insurance company just not paying for his treatment?
    Nate: They claimed it was experimental.
    Eliot: You should have kept one of those Monets you found. You fence that—
    Nate: Eliot, you and I are not friends.
    Eliot: Right. Right. Because you have so many of them. Incoming. (walks away)
    Sophie: Hey, can you help me with this earpiece?
    Nate: Uh, yeah, ask Hardison…
    Sophie: Nate, come on
    Sophie: Thanks. So, uh, this time you really are inside my head.
    Hardison: Ooh. Ooh. Mmm.

  4. season 1 ep 10
    Eliot: How about them Cowboys? What'd I miss?
    Nate: All right. Uh, Eliot, gonna need you to go with Parker to check something out.
    Eliot: All right.
    Nate: Yeah. Now.
    Eliot: Right now?
    Nate: Yeah, right now. Yeah.
    Eliot: Like, now?
    Nate: Yeah. Just go get Parker.
    Nate Thanks for the beer.
    Eliot: Tell you what, this is not happenin', bubba. You ain't takin' my beer.

  5. season 2 ep 12
    Maggie: You know, people underestimate you, Eliot.
    Nate: That's kind of the point.

  6. season 3 ep 2
    Parker: Why is Eliot pouring your tea? Hmm? Did you brainwash him again?
    Sophie: Mm, neurolinguistic programming. It's amazing what you can do with the power of suggestion. "Sugar." "Squeezed. " a few strategic pats on the arm.
    Eliot: Damn it!
    Sophie: You owe me for that roach business!
    Eliot: Sophie, not again.

  7. season 3 ep 14
    Moreau: No, of course not. We’ve got U.N. Election inspectors here, world media. No, he’s just in prison until after the election. Then he’ll have a car accident. You know how these things are done... Or, uh, you used to. Sleep tight.
    Nate: Eliot.
    Nate: Ciao.
    Nate: I need to call in a favor.

  8. season 3 ep 15
    Hardison: Tell them what you did, Eliot. Hmm? You risked my life –
    Eliot: We're in. Moreau's gonna give me the details of the auction tomorrow.
    Sophie: You? Why is he giving you the details?
    Eliot: I said we're in! Just make the plan.
    Hardison: Hey, Eliot worked with Moreau back in the day. A lot. Tell them.
    Nate: We've been chasing Moreau for six months, and you didn't tell us.
    Eliot: Because I was trying...
    Nate: Because what?
    Eliot: ...To figure out a way around this, all right, maybe take my shot before --
    Nate: 'cause you're protecting him? Is that what you're –
    Eliot: I'm protecting you! All right, last time I checked, that's my job.
    Nate: Look, we can handle Moreau.
    Eliot: We're out of our league, Nate. Every one of Moreau's men has innocent blood on their hands, every one of ‘em. Every one of ’em... are worse than me. You think you know what I've done? The worst thing I ever did in my entire life I did for Damien Moreau. And I -- I'll never be clean of that.
    Parker: What did you do?
    Eliot: Don't ask me that, Parker. Because if you ask me, I'm gonna tell you. So please don't ask me.
    Sophie: Look, we all have a past. You don't have to tell us anything, Eliot. But we've learned the hard way we've got to be straight with each other.
    Nate: So, ah, you said that Moreau is gonna give you details on the auction tomorrow. Why tomorrow?
    Eliot: Because he wants me to do something for him first.
    Nate: I'll bet he does. What?
    Eliot: Kill Atherton.
    Sophie: Kill Atherton? (scoffs) You can't. You're not that man anymore.
    Nate: He might have to be... to get us in.

  9. season 4 ep 15
    Delivery Man: Looking for a Miss Devereaux.
    Sophie: Mm. That’s me.
    Delivery Man: And a Parker.
    Parker: Ooh.
    Sophie: Ooh. These ones?
    Delivery Man: Yeah. That’s for you. There you are.
    Parker: Thanks.
    Sophie: I take it all back. Every word. You are romantic.
    Parker: Ooh.
    Sophie: Oh. They’re beautiful.
    Parker: It eats flies. Huh. A plant that does something. That’s nice. Thanks.
    (Nate and Hardison look at each other, then they both look at Eliot, who winks)

  10. season 5 ep 4
    Eliot: I know what you're gonna say, Nate, but I want to tell you something about Toby. He taught me how to use a knife.
    Nate: Use a knife?
    Eliot: No. Not like I use a knife. He taught me how to cook. I was out of the service, and I was working for my second PMC. And the jobs we were taking were way across the line - past extractions and security actions.
    Nate: Wetwork.
    Eliot: Yeah. Anyway, I met Toby. We were reconning this restaurant in Belgium. And I should have closed him out. I should have been in and out in under 90 seconds. But I ended up talking to him for three hours. He showed me that I could use my knife to create instead of destroy. I stuck around for a couple of months. He taught me everything there was about the art of food, and I... He's one of the guys that kept me from falling all the way down. So now, I'm asking the other guy to understand why I'm gonna help him.

4. Rec list of Nate/Sophie/Eliot fanworks

  1. from http://lemonpunch.livejournal.com/tag/icons%3A%20tv%20-%20leverage
    Nate, Sophie, and Eliot dressed up for a night on the town... or, more likely, to get a mark on the hook.

  2. Nate Ford - What a Shame by TheOriginalAliKat
    This isn’t a shipper vid, but rather, a Nate-centric one that’s half H/C and half Nate keeping life on his own terms. So, there’s plenty of hardship and struggle, but there’s also triumph and cause to admire Nate’s willingness to do what’s necessary and his skill in making it happen.

    Eliot and Sophie are both watching over him. Hardison and Parker are concerned, but they take less responsibility for stepping in. Eliot and Sophie share Nate’s disappointments and successes in a way that goes past being a friend and co-worker, into that space where they get drawn into being part of his personal life.

  3. Distance Causes Only Silence by nextgreatadventure
    This one could be read as past Nate/Sophie, current Sophie/Eliot. But it also fits as a little sidestep to Sophie/Eliot before coming back to Nate/Sophie. In either case, it’s a volatile situation that is all lined up to head into Nate/Sophie/Eliot territory if it wants to.

    It’s set during The Snow Job, after Nate’s alcoholism leads Eliot to say, “Ah, I ain't your daddy. You can drink yourself into a coma as far as I’m concerned, but you take me down with you -- then it's my problem.” and Nate replies, “You know, you talk too much. You ought to just go skip some rope.” Eliot says, “You want me to skip something? I'll skip your drunk ass off this marble floor.” Sophie steps in and clears the room.

    I don’t usually read NC-17 het, so it’s got to be good for me to rec it, and this one is. Actually, it’s an unusual take on a sex scene, one I very much enjoyed because the author brought emotion into it and made the sex something more than fun and pleasure. Not that there’s anything wrong with fun and pleasure, mind you.

  4. Pillow Talk by [personal profile] telaryn
    This fic will not get out of my head. This version of Nate/Sophie/Eliot stuck so stubbornly that I asked Telaryn if I could swipe Nate’s fantasy for my own stuff, and she kindly said yes. Anyway, I love how Sophie keeps being surprised by what Nate says. And sharing fantasies is always great fun.

  5. Things Too Hard to Just Accept by [personal profile] telaryn
    I absolutely would have recced this even if Telaryn hadn’t been so incredibly awesome as to write it for me. This is subtle and sweet and says so much with so little. The heart of the Nate/Sophie/Eliot ship is in the moment where Nate tells Eliot what Sophie would think of it.

5. Fanfic showcasing Nate/Sophie/Eliot
"Not Quite Friends"

6. AU Fanfic
"Didn't Anyone Ever Teach You to Knock?"

7. Five icons showcasing Nate/Sophie/Eliot

8. Two gifs showcasing Nate/Sophie/Eliot

9. A wallpaper showcasing Nate/Sophie/Eliot

10. A fanvid about Nate/Sophie/Eliot

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