02 April 2014 @ 12:41 am
Because I'm in communities where people make each other gifts (part 1 of 2)  

Favorite things:

Fic! I love fic so, so much.
    Emotion-heavy fic
      especially emotional hurt/comfort
      when someone says one thing but their actions, mannerisms, etc. seem to contradict that
    Non-sexual physical affection
      cuddling, snuggling, affectionate touches, naked spooning, etc.
    Nonverbal communication
      any time someone just responds the right way to their partner and onlookers didn't catch how that happened
      tiny little details and offhand remarks -- blink and you'll miss them -- that have big symbolism

Things that are nice to have but aren't necessary:

  • Internal conflicts about need and desire -- coming out, self-discovery, self-acceptance, allowing someone else to see who you really are, learning to trust in love, etc. (This isn't well-suited to a character study piece -- it should be something that changes in intensity or availability or acceptance or something during the fic)
  • Secrets, especially shameful or upsetting ones (and they shouldn't be answered by a pat, "Oh, you're just being too hard on yourself" response -- they should be big enough to be an understandable concern that doesn't have an easy answer)
  • Ongoing issues like mental illness, dark pasts, addiction, etc.
  • Controlling Nate (psychological control, manipulation)
  • Eliot struggling to reign in emotions but maintaining his usual stoic facade
  • Eliot being the incredible badass he is
  • Eliot choosing to be power-negative with those he cares about (deference, reluctant honesty, taking care of the Leverage family, etc.)
  • If Sterling shows up, Eliot being aggressive and hateful toward Sterling
  • Sterling being a self-serving, smug, manipulative, insanely charming prick
  • Anything on asexuality is a lovely bonus if you're comfortable with writing it
  • BDSM is fun but not necessary. Here is more info on my BDSM preferences.
  • I love slash and I like gen too

Favorite characters:

Eliot, Nate, Maggie, Sterling, Parker, Moreau, Shelley, and Quinn

Favorite pairings:

  1. Nate/Eliot
  2. Nate/Eliot/Maggie
  3. Eliot/Methos (crossover from Highlander)
  4. Eliot/Moreau
  5. Parker/Maggie
  6. Nate/Sterling
  7. Eliot/Quinn
  8. Detective Bonanno/Shelley
  9. Nate/Sophie/Eliot
But really, any slash pairing with Eliot/anyone-but-Hardison is gonna make me smile.

Favorite friendships:

  1. Nate & Maggie
  2. Nate & Eliot
    • Communication issues, oh dear. But fond of each other.
  3. Eliot & Methos (crossover from Highlander)
  4. Eliot & Quinn
  5. Eliot & Shelley
    • Shelley as Army buddy/big brother/confidant to Eliot
  6. Eliot & Parker
    • Parker affectionately picking on Eliot, Eliot growling and snapping at it
    • Focusing on things that the rest of the team wouldn't understand

Deal breakers (stuff I really don't like):

  • crack
  • mpreg
  • kidfic
  • songfic
  • underage
  • sexualized age play
  • major character death
  • Eliot walking out on a job
  • sex scenes that include Hardison
  • AUs that are very different from canon
  • original characters unless they're in the background
  • genderswap (but gender identity/sexual orientation stuff is good)
  • dubcon/forceful behavior between main characters (but otherwise dubcon/noncon is fine)
  • crossovers (except for Highlander -- love it when Methos and Joe bicker like an old married couple)
  • lovingly detailed descriptions of girly bits. NC-17 like you'd see on a Showtime series is fine for m/f and f/f
  • as for slash NC-17, anything goes but don't skip the lube, thankyouverymuch -- spit is not enough

A few possible prompts:

  • Sterling knows something about Eliot that Eliot doesn't want the team to know. And it's not about killing.
  • Nate has criticized Eliot one time too many. He's going to learn exactly how far Eliot can be pushed.
  • Eliot's very worried about stepping on Nate's toes but he can't deny his interest in Maggie. (Eliot/Maggie, Nate/Eliot may or may not be already established, eventual Nate/Eliot/Maggie triad)
  • Eliot and Nate have something they need to work out, but the communication between them is too broken to allow for it so they have to find other ways to get their points across.
  • Eliot agrees to a mindfuck BDSM scene and is reminded yet again that Nate is not a nice man.
The format of this list was inspired by [livejournal.com profile] leveragexchange, which you should definitely check out.

The second part of this post is on my preferences for BDSM, here.